Naming the Twins

…a little bit like Peter, Paul and Mary if one of the fellows took the night off, a bit like Simon & Garfunkel if Art was a girl, a bit like Gordon Lightfoot or Stan Rogers if either had a girl harmonizer.
Not twins by birth, but twins at heart, they share a sibling like sense of humour and harmony.

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In keeping with the current political climate, we twins are excited about releasing this light-hearted original song, “You’re Right Everything’s Wrong”. We video-taped this bit of satire at Harbourtone Studio recently and we hope you get as much fun viewing it as we had acting it out! This song along with a wide variety of other material will be on our upcoming album “Turn Styles”.

What EXACTLY is Naming the Twins up to these days? We’ve been working hard all winter at recording our third full length album and it’s NEARLY ready! Tomorrow is the exciting day that we get back into the studio after Alex’s long summer journey. What do we have to look forward to tomorrow? Well, at this stage of the process, we are doing what we call the mixing. That’s when you listen to all the various instrument tracks and decide things like “just how much of that violin do you want to hear in that spot?”. Or “when shall we bring the bass in?”. It’s kind of like combining all of the flavours and colours and scents into a full bodied experience.

We’re really excited about the variety of songs on this album and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.
Stay tuned for the release of “Twindecision”, or “Procrastwination” or whatever we’re going to call it.