Naming the Twins

…a little bit like Peter, Paul and Mary if one of the fellows took the night off, a bit like Simon & Garfunkel if Art was a girl, a bit like Gordon Lightfoot or Stan Rogers if either had a girl harmonizer.
Not twins by birth, but twins at heart, they share a sibling like sense of humour and harmony.

Now available after a year in the making – the album that turns everything around… “Turn Styles”

NTT-TurnStyles-Front Cover

At the heart of each Twin song are the lyrics that Robbie puts his soul into. Then those beautiful words get wrapped up in the music, melody, harmonies and instrumentation. Each day, we’ll be adding a few lines from the lyrics of “Turn Styles”

Another voice had spoken the vows I’d planned to make,
Another hand was strummin’ trying not to make mistakes…