Naming the Twins is the harmonizing duo of Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser, whose well-matched voices sound a bit like Simon & Garfunkel if Art was a girl, a bit like Peter, Paul & Mary, if one of the boys was taking the night off, a bit like Gordon Lightfoot or Stan Rogers if they had had a girl harmonizer. Not twins by birth, but twins at heart, they share a sibling like sense of humour and harmony.


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I'm sure many of you welcome a little seasonal music (though admittedly we sometimes grow weary of hearing the same tunes over and over and cringe at ornamental tackiness).  Well, we would like to offer you a change. We have spent this past year writing, arranging, harmonizing and recording a fresh selection of all-original Winter/Christmas songs that we are so excited to share with you.

With titles like "When the Carols Began", "Sing the Winter Away" and "Christmas on the Shrimp Boats" you'll be hearing a breath of fresh folk air hopefully transporting you through many moods and taking you to many places - from tropical and Maritime sea ports to the frosty northern Klondike. Time travel with us as we go from Renaissance to spritely Cajun to pure folk styles!

In both of our hearts we regard this as a once in a lifetime project -  with attention to every detail. We're relaying many positive messages in the lyrics and we hope they will reach you wherever you may be.

Paul Mills - noted folk music producer/musician and order of Canada recipient who produced our first album - recently wrote this note about our newest CD to us which made us proud as pineapples:

"My wife Bev and I listened to it last night.  It’s wonderful, you guys! Thanks so much for sending it and congratulations to you and Bill (Garrett) for putting together such a great recording! Lovely songs beautifully performed and lovingly produced. Well done!"