A Pete Seeger Song

Just thinking that perhaps we should start a blog. We’ve got stories…….

Like the time that Robbie got to meet Pete Seeger and play onstage with him.
What kind of songs does Pete Seeger write?  Robbie says they are “Ear-conic”, the kind of song that has everything. How did Robbie get to meet Pete?  You can hear him talking about his experience in the video.

We started out on our third eastern USA tour this winter and had been including one of his songs in our set lists. Well we only got three shows into the tour when we received the news that Pete Seeger had passed away. The world seemed to pause for a moment when this news hit.  We continued to sing the song, and of course people humbly joined us as we paid tribute to such an incredible person.

A few weeks later, we met a lovely man named Michael Stock, who came out to a show at Luna Star Cafe in North Miami. Well, he told us he liked what we were doing and he kindly invited us to the radio studio at WLRN the next day to record a couple of videos. He requested that we sing the Pete Seeger song that he’d heard us performing the night before as he was putting together a special tribute show to Pete in the coming weeks.

So, delighted to be asked, we performed “Old Devil Time”, written by Pete Seeger for a movie called “Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon”, a 1970 film starring Liza Minelli. This is a song, like so many of Pete’s songs, that conveys a very powerful message. We can all relate to this song, for at some time in our lives, we’ve all been up against some sort of struggle, be it pain, fear, hatred, or Old Devil Time itself.  In Robbie’s words “This should be an ear-conic song.  It’s one of those rare gems that has everything”.
We hope you like it.

Naming the Twins is the harmonizing duo of songwriter Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser, whose well matched voices sound a bit like Peter, Paul and Mary if one of the guys took the night off, a bit like Simon and Garfunkel if Art was a girl, a bit like Gordon Lightfoot or Stan Rogers if either of them had a girl harmonizer.